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Teen babe Tori Black is always a treat to watch on Pure 18 because she’s just so good at fucking. It’s like she has a natural talent at this thing, like how Jim Kelly and Tim Tebow have a natural talent at being a quarterback and being a sanctimonious cock, respectively. However, don’t take our word for it…just look at all of the awards that this chick has won during her tenure in the porn industry including the 2011 AVN Performer of the Year, Best Foreign All-Sex Release, Best POV Sex Scene and so many more!

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This chick with those hot, tight 34B-27-37 measurements first got into the porn industry back in 2007 and ever since then she has been taking the smut world by storm, and she’s proud of it! “For those who think the business that I'm in holds women back, I beg to differ. I've had a heightened sexuality my whole life, I'm supposed to be this way. I figure since I don't have any children, any responsibilities in that regard, now is the perfect opportunity for me to express myself in a way I might not be able to as I get older. As for right now, I'm having the time of my life sexin' it up and wild'n'out in my own way” she says.

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This chick is a Latina wonder who goes by many names including Jessie Cakes, Carmen X Art, Jessie Fuckhard (that name most be French or something), and Jessie Ittlemutt, however no matter what name she goes by, she has one thing that is always consistent; she’s hot as hell and really good at fucking. You can tell that just by looking at how her lithe body with those sexy 32B breasts shake the moment a rigid monster cock enters into her quivering pussy. I have high hopes for this chick, and I think you too should keep an eye on her for the future!

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Casey Chase is such a sweet ole' girl that some chicks report that after they ate her out, they ended up getting cavities in their teeth! This babe hasn't been at the porn game for a very long time, but she has really endeared us with her winning personally, her gracious demeanor, and the fact that she fucks like a total rock star. The camera sometimes isn't fast enough to capture her fast gyrations on top of a rock-hard cock, and we're not even kidding!

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We would never kid about a chick as beautiful as Casey – she has a beautiful 34B-22-34 frame, an incredible, hypnotic set of hazel eyes, and that Michigan accent that will melt your heart. This chick is only 20 years old now and has been in the porn game since 2010. If you have not yet seen the work that she has done for Pure 18, you might as well let today be the day!

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Kacey Jordan is a Goddess amongs us mere mortals. This babe has about 1,000 tricks in her book of sex moves and she's not afraid to unleash them all at a moment's notice. I really love watching her when she's on top of a guy's rock-hard cock. Seeing that look of pure pleasure on her face is one of those things that keeps me going on this dreary old job of mine.

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If you want to know more about this 23-year-old hottie, here are a couple of facts that you might like to hear – she's only 23 years old, but she has been at the porn game ever since 2007. Recently, she turned her back on the whole scene because of that Charlie Sheen thing (she was there the night he overdosed) but just because she's out of the game doesn't mean that her films won't live on in our hearts!

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